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bad day?

If you're having a bad day, I want you to remember that you are wonderful. It takes all kinds of people to make up a world and the world would be that little bit worse off without you. I promise.


I love anything from hipster!cas to demon!cas to bunny!cas (and if that's not a thing then why the hell not?!)


Dean is my hamburger angel
(I'm gonna put a Dean playlist up on here in a bit i just need to study right now)

claudia| 18 | UK

the definition of a
deangirl who will
be shipping dean/cas until the end of time.

castiel is my kitty
dean is my baby and
sammy is my lil nugget

fluffy chicken(s) called jensen

ask | HOME
100% supernatural
dean & cas, some dean & crowley friendship, sam & jess, sam & ruby at times


and i am on a semi-hiatus until the 19th



WATCHING: orange is the new black, 2014 fargo, and homeland

READING: The Bet List, The Story of You and Me, Monsters of Men, Whisps of Smoke, The Smallest Act of Caring, This is All Life Really Means

my a-level exams
oh and some demon dean and scarves fic

never forget that you are perfect

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